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Drone Trades is a company born from necessity.

Always searching on the Internet for whatever services we needed, be it drone photographers or drone pilots, we came across unsatisfying results. We hardly found drone professionals or a drone hire service that would provide complete information.

We decided to create a drone service platform that would save people time and money.

At Drone Trades, you will find the type of drone service you’re looking for and you will get immediately in touch with a drone professional from our compelling drone pros directory.

How will you save up money?

First of all, our service is absolutely free. We connect clients to drone contractors for free. It is not about business.

It is about creating a trustworthy connection between people and providers of drone services.

Learning from our own experience, we know how nerve-racking and difficult can be to find the right persons that you can trust with a job.

Since the drone services are quite recent and the legislation is still being modified and updated searching for a drone job can be quite the adventure.

Stop looking!

At Drone Trades, we create the connection between clients and drone pilots immediately!

With an easy design, our platform offers a wide range of drone jobs. You can buy or sell new drones. You can find used drones.

We only work with professionals.

Even though the Drone Trades Company is relatively new, since 2013 we have grown and developed a customer service that satisfies both the client and the service provider.

Drone Clients

As we are drone clients, as well, we know what clients need: A secure connection, trust and professional services.

Now you can get all of these on Drone Trades for free.


what makes the drone business so interesting?

With the evolution of technology, we want to include the use of gadgets in order to simplify our lives. Make life better, is the motto of technology innovators. Drones are the new gadgets that can help us make things easier and better.

You can hire a drone photographer for your wedding and have your memories stashed for eternity in a beautiful and professional way.

Interesting footage or real documentaries?

Hire a drone to make sure you get the right message across.

Visual impact has won against written impact. People don’t have the time and the patience nowadays to read long texts; they prefer images or videos. They are more animated and attractive.

Our drone platform makes sure you receive the type of service you are looking for in a high-quality manner from drone professionals and experienced UAV pilots.

At Drone Trades, we focus on home and business services only.

Anything you need to be done in your house, like Satellite TVs or carpet, we help you find the right drone pro for the job.

Even more, through our platform drone professionals can get in touch with each other or receive drone training.

Searching for a drone job it’s now easier and faster!

We offer both drone clients and drone professionals an active space for exchanging information in a secure and quality-driven environment.

Through our platform, drone dealers have the chance to exchange ideas about drone manufacturing; drone distributors and resellers can keep in touch with the market and learn about new opportunities, techniques and products.

Drone Professionals (Pros)

If you are a drone pro, this is the right place for you. You can get drone jobs directly from the client with no intermediaries and money wasted on commissions. Our free service puts you out there and promotes your services.

Signing up on our platform will bring you real jobs.

Besides the numerous jobs, you will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques with other drone pilots or manufacturers. Plus, you can get trainings.

We help drone professionals develop their business by offering an open communication system where drone pros get reviews and can get more jobs as the reviews improve.

In order to keep in touch with your clients and promote your drone services, you don’t need a testimonial page on your website. You connect with us and clients will get a taste of the quality and type of services you offer on Drone Trades.

Our service can be used for free by drone professionals, as well. We ask for no commission or fee for posting your business details. Once you have been contacted by a client, our job is done.

You need to return on our platform just to check on your reviews and rating from clients. The payment for your services is discussed directly with the client.

Our goal is to ease up the communication between drone clients and drone professionals. To offer a quick and trustworthy access to clients for specific services they need; a directory of real jobs and a possibility for drone professionals to develop and promote their business.

Drone Clients

As we are drone clients, as well, we know what clients need: A secure connection, trust and professional services.

Now you can get all of these on Drone Trades for free.


Select the service you need from the menu. Provide information about the type of service you are looking for and the address where you need the service. We will offer you a list of drone professionals that fit your criteria.

The selection process begins.

  • Check the list and choose the drone professional that suits your needs. You can find reviews of previous clients about the experience they had with various drone pros. You can also find a detailed description of their services.

  • Our listing will depend on the criteria you give us so we will send you only useful information.

  • Once you have chosen the drone pro, feel free to contact them. You discuss the details of the job, location and payment with the drone pro.

  • No payment goes through Drone Trades so we don’t touch your credit card information, at all. The method of payment will be discussed directly with the drone pro.

  • After completing the project, you can return on our platform and rate or review the experience you had with the drone pro.

Rating the experience, you had with a particular UAV pilot or drone photographer is an important part of this platform. The community grows and filters the bad experiences from the good experiences. Through rating, drone pros can develop their businesses and get more jobs and clients benefit from professional services.


Drone Trades is a customer service. A complete and fully focused customer service. We are a free platform that treats with respect both the clients and the drone professionals. We are a bridge between clients and providers.

You can hire a drone, find a UAV professional pilot or drone photographers from a Drone Pros Directory selected for your specific needs: location, budget and type of service.

Drone pros get reviewed jobs that help them promote their services and be active on the market.

At Drone Trades, people don’t only search for drone jobs, but they also create a win-win community. Here you can buy or sell new and used drones, exchange information with other drone pros, get drone training and find an accurate and expert service provider, all for free.

What are you waiting for? Join our platform and receive instant help as a client. We connect you with professionals that specialize in all kinds of drone use. You can discuss with the drone pro directly without any sort of intermediary that can disrupt the flow of information. You don’t get taxed for joining our platform. You don’t get taxed for receiving the list of drone pros. You contact them for free through our platform.

If you are a drone pro, get on the platform, post your services and get instant jobs. Our platform doesn’t require any sort of tax for being part of the Drone Pro Directory. We are here to help you grow and attract clients. Offer high-quality services and create your own clients’ group.