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On Drone Trades you get access to all Drone related services. In need of Aerial Film or Photogrpahy? Are you a Drone Photographer looking to get professional training? You need a drone hire for Event Photography? You will find all these on Drone Trades and even more. You will also get access to Business Drone Services which include Property Monitoring, Real Estate Photography, Remote Inspections and Environmental Services. Here, you will have access to a Drone Pros Directory which presents the best Drone Pilots or UAV Pilots located near you. If you are on the other side of this business as a Drone Photographer, you can buy/sell new and used drones. Let’s call Drone Trades a meeting place for all drone-interested parties.
Please read the reviews as we are aiming to create a professional drone network where Drone Pros build up their Drone Services Careers and their clients get immediate access to experts in drone services. We encourage everyone to leave a review after a project is completed because this is a community that grows based on relationships where everyone helps everyone. Your favourite Drone Pilot probably needs your review and you most likely need to see what others think about various Drone photographers so you can make the best decision for a drone hire.
Nothing. Not a penny, not a dollar, not a nothing. We strongly believe in free opportunities and we would like to offer you the chance to review leads for free in order to find the best UAV Pilots or Drone Photographer for the job you need.
When you access our Drone Pros Directory and decide a drone hire you connect directly with a Drone Photographer, meaning that we don’t need any kind of payment for the service we offer on this website. You will arrange the paying method and value with the company or Drone Pro, Drone Photographer you contact when you discuss about the project you are looking for.
This is a constant growing network and we encourage UAV Pilots and Drone Photographers to join our community each day. If you don’t find a drone hire today, you will surely find one tomorrow. It is possible when you are searching for Drone Pilots in your area and in the category you need not to find one right away because Drone Photographers might not have registered on the site yet. Check back often and you will find the right Drone Pro for sure. If you find one in a different place, you can recommend him to this website in order to reach him faster and easier.
We insist on clients and Drone Photographers to leave reviews in order to grow in reputation and win the trust of clients, therefore you can check the listings of reviews for each company or Drone Pro. Each UAV Pilot or Drone Photographer, independent or company is displayed on our website with a description of whom they are and what services they offer.
You are welcome to leave a negative review for a Drone Pro, UAV Pilot or Drone Photographer if you are not pleased with the way they communicated with you or the quality of provided services. Make sure you have offered reasons why you are not happy with them offering them the chance to perfect their services. When a Drone Pro receives continuous negative reviews, he or she will be removed from the Drone Trades community.
You have to join if you want to find a Drone Pro in your area without being charged. Besides not being taxed, you have access to a Drone Pro Directory where only professional and serious Drone Photographers, UAV Pilots and Drone experts offer their services.
Your email address helps us keep in touch with you and keep you posted with news and offers for drone hire and about Drone Photographers. You will receive occasional newsletters and emails that interest you when you want to get a Drone Training, buy/sell new and old drones or even find easier a Drone Pro to suit your needs.
Drone Trades provides a large network of Drone Pros from and around the U.S. To this network, UAV Pilots, Drone Traders and Drone Photographers join every month. With this growing community, we will reach any location so the Drone Pros are located in an area or region that is accessible to you.
Our numbers show that recently thousands of people visit our website in order to find a Drone Photographer or UAV Pilots in our Drone Pro Directory. The numbers are constantly changing though as monthly we have new professional registering to our network.
Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will fix this problem fast so you can have access to the Drone Pro services.
There is a quick form that you can fill out and thus you can grow your business. You only have to tell us what you do and enter some basic information about the Drone services you offer. You will get listed on the site once we have your information and you will be showed in the Drone Pro Directory alongside with other Drone Photographers and UAV Pilots.
We offer access to most popular drone services. Drone Pros are organized on categories that are searched by many people. Contact us at and if we get enough people inquiring about the category, we will add it for sure!
We recommend that you tell your customers about us and let them come and leave reviews for you on Drone Trades. This allows you to build up reviews faster and potentially get more business as a result of it. You will grow you reputation as a Drone Pro. Clients can read positive reviews about your Drone Photographer services or the past drone hires you had and this will attract more people and more reviews.
Please do so. We have a set of logos that you can use for your Drone Photographer website in case you have a separate one. You can also use it on your UAV Pilot Social Media page or wherever you need to reach. As Drone Pilots, you no longer need a dedicated page for testimonials because clients will leave reviews and read what others say about you here. It simplified to whole process and you get more reputation as a Drone Photographer.
First, we recommend that you address the issue, not the actual person. As a Drone photographer you will most likely receive bad reviews from time to time; however this must not discourage you. It is important to see and understand why you received the bad review. Also, you will be able to leave a comment about a bad review so others can see your version of the story. You have the opportunity to convince people that you offer high-quality drone services, that you are an efficient Drone Pro and that you should be considered for drone hire.