Drone Trades is easy to use, findout how it works!

Choose the service you need

On Drone Trades, you have a Drone Pro Directory where Drone Photographers are presented with the services they offer and the categories they fall in. We have created a user-friendly interface that helps you find quickly the UAV Pilot or Drone Photographer that you need. In order to find a Drone Pilot close to your location and suited to the service you are looking for, you just need to fill in the type of service and the location where you want it performed. As soon as you type in this information, we provide a list with every Drone Photographer that matches your criteria. You can read reviews about them and check other projects.

Find the Drone Pro Fit for the job

Look through the list we provided to you and find out which Drone Pro is in your area or closest to you. Read their descriptions and the reviews other clients left about past experiences and finalized projects. The past reviews about a Drone Photographer or a UAV Pilot can help you make a better call for a drone hire.

Get in contact with the chosen Drone Pro

As soon as you have selected the Drone Photographer that is right for the job, you can contact them right away and find a time and place that is mutually convenient. Once you get in contact with them, you are free to ask them about their costs and overall policies on the Drone Services they offer. Payments go directly between you and the contracted Drone Pro; therefore you don’t need to provide to us any credit card information. The Drone Trades website is used only for finding professional Drone Photographers in your area and to get in touch with them easy and fast so any contact that you have with the contracted Drone Pro happens outside the website. Once the Drone Pro completes your project, you come back to Drone Trades and leave a review about the experience you had with the contracted Drone Photographer.

Rate Your Experience

It is highly important to leave a review about your drone hire. Rate the experience you had with the contracted Drone Pro and help this community grow more professional. Help your favorite Drone Pro score a better reputation and grow his business. Help us find the best Drone Photographers in the area by leaving reviews. Talk to other clients about drone services, drone trainings or opportunities to buy/sell new and old drones. Your review matters!